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Lambert Hoisting Engine Company builder) - Newark, New Jersey - 1907

Image and data courtesy of John Taubeneck


Marshutz and Cantrell - (National Iron Works) - (builder) - San Francisco, California - built  September 15, 1892 - a geared gypsy locomotive

Bear Harbor Lumber Co. #1 ( Bear Harbor and Eel River Railroad) - (owner) - of northern California.


henderson_james_thomas-t200.jpg (5153 bytes)

Michigan Iron Works -  (builder) - Cadillac, Michigan - built 6 locomotives between 1882-83  designed by James Henderson.   These are locomotives are more commonly referred to as the  Henderson "Shay" 

Henderson's locomotive bore little or no resemblance to Lima's Shay for which his locomotive was "nicknamed".   It is thought the name was loosely applied by those who knew of  his licensing agreement with Ephraim Shay.    The specific design details used by Henderson that required the agreement are unknown.

The locomotive differed from the Shay in at least the following details:

  • The wheels were solid.
  • The drive shaft ran lengthwise below the center of the locomotive.
  • Side-rods were utilized between wheels on the same side of each truck.
  • Boilers were centrally located over the drivers


Top photo:    Cummer Lumber Co. #1  - (owner) - taken 08/12/1882
The locomotive, named the "James Thomas", was 36" gauge, weighed 10 tons, and had a cost of $3,000. 140d.
The company was based in Cadillac, Michigan

Photo credit: "Ungewoehnliche Dampflokomotiven"    [Extraordinary Steam Locomotives]
by Rolf Ostendorf, Stuttgart [Germany], 1978 - from the collection of the author.
Provided courtesy of Christian Halpaap of Hohenhameln-Bruendeln, Germany

Middle photo: Cummer Lumber Co. #1  - (owner) - builder's photo of the locomotive in top photo.
The photo is from the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Michigan ~ ID = 134544

Bottom photo:
Spring Harbor and Boyne Falls Railroad - (owner) - built circa 1883 - named "Meta"
The railroad was believed to be located in the Boyne Falls and Harbor Springs area of Michigan 

Photo credit: Burton Historical Collection @ University of Michigan

Builder: Miners' Foundry and Machine Co. - San Francisco, California 

Owner :Gualala Mill Co. #1
- Gualala, California built 1878 - gauge 5' 8
Photo credit:  Tony Phillips via Mendocino Coast Model Railroad and Historical Society


mt_washington_tip_top-t200.jpg (7951 bytes)

Mt. Washington Cog Railway (builder & owner) - Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

The company currently has 7 steam powered "cog" geared locomotives in operation.  These very unique steam locomotives in conjunction with special track-work  were very specifically designed to transport passengers to the summit of Mt. Washington on a railroad with grades as steep as 37.4%.      

Source:    Paul Forbes of The Mount Washington Cog Railway site - photos from same. 


Builder: Miller & Shaw -  Cambridgeport, Massachusetts - 1891 ~ (The previous appears on the locomotive's smoke box access door)
Additional research reveals the company was the manufacturer of "portable steam hoisting engines" at Sixth and Broadway Streets in Cambridgeport.  See article >HERE<.

Owner : Moulton & O'Mahoney
The locomotive, named "The Hobo", is depicted in the photo taken October 12, 1900 at the construction site of the Wachusett Reservoir, Worcester County, Massachusetts. 

The locomotive appears to have at least one horizontally mounted steam cylinder used to drive two large spur gears.   Those gears are mounted on a shaft positioned near the front of the locomotive,  atop and perpendicular to the its main frame, just below the boiler's smoke box.  They appear to mesh with  two additional spur gears mounted on the front axle and immediately below the large spur gears.
Photo credit:  Digital Commonwealth of Massachusetts ~ George P. Goodman Collection ~ ID = MWW_03561
We thank John Taubeneck of Seattle, Washington for notifying us of this photo's existence.

Munday, J.S.  Hoisting Engine Company  (builder) - Newark, New Jersey

Builder: Nanaimo Foundry & Machine Works ~ Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Owner : Nanaimo Saw & Planing Mill ~ Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.   The mill and locomotive were owned by Andrew Haslam

The advertisement appeared in a 1906 edition of the "Henderson's Nanaimo City Directory".  It is from the Chris Sundstrom Collection.

New Century Machine Works (builder) -  of Boynton, Pennsylvania

Piney Run RR #1 (Maust Lumber Co. - owner) - Boynton, Pennsylvania
The locomotive had a line shaft and gearing on the right side of the locomotive similar to that used on the Shay.

Photo from Mrs. Lillian Engle collection

It is curious to note the 20th Century Mfg Company, also of Boynton, built steam traction engines.   The unusual (for a locomotive) high mounted boiler on the New Century locomotive resembles that of a steam traction engine simply mounted atop a flat car.    The similarity in the use of "20th Century" and "New Century" in the names of the two companies in a single town seems odd if the two were not related.   Could there have been a relationship between these two concerns?     

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