Cabin Creek Lumber Co. Climax

Geared Steam Locomotive Works

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Photos and information by & courtesy of Roger Henkel of San Marcos, California

The Cabin Creek Lumber Co. Climax  was was originally built as a Class "A" model for an unknown owner.   As shown, it has been converted from steam to use an internal combustion engine.   At the time of the photographs, the locomotive was still in regular service and "on its second" internal combustion engine.  The photos were taken in the winter of 1963 next to the company's office in Easton, Washington.  

In the side view photo (left), you can see the large gears, universal joints, and drive shafts still in tact below the center of the frame.

The following contributed by John Taubeneck of Seattle, Washington in August, 2000:

The owners rebuilt her in the mid 1970s with all new wood but using the original metal parts. They added a fake boiler and numbered her "HOOT 1".  She still has her 2 speed transmission and sits in front of the old company store building.

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